February Spotlight

Did January feel long yet quick to anyone else? It’s been about one month and one week since we introduced the monthly spotlight post and it feels like I wrote it a year ago! I can’t believe that it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re a month and a half into 2018 already. But January also felt like the longest month ever. Is anyone else on the same page? It would be nice to know that I’m not alone here. Since this is a new series, I’ll share a quick reminder of what to expect in these monthly posts. I’ll share links from around the web I’m loving as well as posts you guys are loving from LLL including recipes and travel. I’ve also got a mini wish list and peek into what I’ve been doing lately. So without further adieu...let’s get on with it!

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[from top left]
Discovering Fort Worth’s Magnolia Avenue
5 International Spring Break Destinations
5 Day Boston Itinerary
That Time I Ate My Way Through Springfield, MO

I finished Interference by French writer, Amelie Antoine. I was definitely taken by surprise in this book. It was completely different than I had originally expected where the storyline is concerned but it was fantastic. Amelie knows how to take the carpet out from under her readers and leave them with mouths agape. Not only was I taken by complete surprise about two-thirds of the way in, but she ended it with a twist I doubt anyone saw coming. It’s a short book, only about 180 pages, and a quick read. Do yourself a favor and read it. I’m about 100 pages into Julie & Julia by Nora Ephron now. So far, so good and I’m a bit more motivated to keep moving with this one because I’m DYING to see the movie. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a mini review in the March Spotlight! Or I may just post it on Instagram.

I’m working with a teeth whitening company and so far loving the results. Full post sharing the review coming soon! Still have a few sessions to go though. I’m also working on a few other surprises that I have up my sleeve. Hopefully they’ll be ready to launch by the end of the first quarter! In the meantime, enjoy this photo of my friend’s dog, April, and I. She was rather demanding during a recent photo shoot but I embrace all the puppy kisses!


I still haven’t decided on any travel plans yet this year. Client work is pretty busy and I’m working hard on a few things behind the scenes for the site. Not to mention we have a lot going on with my family right now and I’m trying to get ahead of my finances so that I’m managing them rather than the other way around. If you’re looking for a bit of help where money and finances are concerned, I recommend checking out Tess from Wander Wealthy. She’s got tons of great content and advice to make managing money easy which is not a simple feat for someone who’s as bad with numbers as I am.

Dying to try the recipes in Giada de Laurentiis’ new cookbook Giada’s Italy

I would give anything for The Cozychic Throw from Barefoot Dreams to get through the remainder of winter

I’m currently obsessed with these long-sleeved boatneck tees from The Gap. Who am I kidding? I’m obsessed with everything from The Gap.

Now that I finally tried my Ayesha Curry Porcelain Enamel Grill Pan, I want the entire collection. This stuff is for the pros!