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Embracing Your Inner Boss at Mastermind Weekends with Every Day Boss

Embracing Your Inner Boss at Mastermind Weekends with Every Day Boss

One of the conversations that seems to be on repeat lately is the topic of working from home. I’ve been a home worker now for over four years and while it has perks, it absolutely has its downsides as well. After all, nothing is perfect! One of the things you look for and look forward to is collaborating with other like-minded individuals and people in similar career trajectories as you.

Earlier this year, I was proud to help kick off a weekend for creative entrepreneurs developed by a good friend of mine. Mastermind Weekends with Every Day Boss is a quarterly event hosted by Jennifer Salter that inspires creativity, promotes community and lets you shine like the badass boss that you are.

The weekend kicks off on a Friday evening and goes through Monday late morning for a productive, full two days of collaborations, brainstorming, informative and educational workshops, and more. Here are four things you can expect by participating in a Mastermind Weekend:

Collaboration & Brainstorming
Some of the best ideas come from collaborative brainstorms. The Every Day Boss Mastermind Weekends leave plenty of room for just this. In between workshops and planned activities, there’s a generous amount of time for working. Put some headphones in or find a quiet space to knock a few things out or set up shop with other people to brainstorm concepts and ideas you’ve been throwing around.

It’s helpful to get momentum on an idea to bring it to fruition when you have a fresh outlook and different perspective. This is my favorite part of the weekend because it allows you to take action and get things done. There’s enough time to get in some brainstorming sessions with peers and implement some of those takeaways with solo work time.

That’s the beauty of a weekend like this. There is structure and activities to come away feeling like it was time worth spent but there’s also plenty of flexibility so that you can get what you need out of the weekend as well. It’s the best of both worlds!

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Mastermind Workshops
Learn from the experts with special mastermind workshops. These sessions are an opportunity to learn from individuals who have a particular expertise such as publicity, advertising and building ad revenue, photography, bookkeeping, etc. They’ll present on a specific topic related to their field or provide a general presentation to get to know them and what they do followed by a Q&A from guests.

As a budding business owner, solopreneur, or small business owner, this is a great opportunity to gain insight on aspects of your business that might not necessarily be your strong point but still a necessity. It’s also a good start to building relationships with individuals you might want to hire eventually for their services.

Networking & Community Building
Besides brainstorming and collaboration, another great perk that comes from the weekend is new contacts and friends! Networking is important regardless of the career you’re in. Being able to connect over a few days with these people, rather than a solitary happy hour event, gives you a chance to build a community. Instead of swapping business cards, you’re swapping personal stories and creative ideas.

Saturday night featured a night on the town with dinner at a delightful local restaurant. It’s a chance to get to know each other away from the business and the computer. This is where the community begins to form. The weekend starts with simple, pleasant networking but turns into an unbeatable opportunity to build a community.

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Photography Sessions
As a creative business owner, one thing you can always use is photography. Jennifer provided miniature cakes from local business, Bouquets & Cakes, as a gift for attending and they turned into the perfect subject for a photography shoot. Whether you need to practice with your camera or you need professional or lifestyle shots for use, these weekends are a great opportunity for building stock.

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Every Day Boss CoWorking Weekend-22.jpg

The next Every Day Boss Mastermind Weekend will be July 19th - 21st in Dallas, Texas. Early bird tickets are now available! The two days that have a solid schedule of events are Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st. When I attended the first weekend, I arrived late Friday night and left before dawn (silly me) on Monday morning. It didn’t feel like I missed out on anything and the weekend motivated me to get a great start to the week.

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