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A Taste Of Summer At Current

Earlier this summer, I had a great evening with fellow Windy City Bloggers at The W Lakeshore Hotel's Current Restaurant. They recently introduced a new chef to the team and he really put together some incredible dishes. The restaurant features a seasonal menu with fresh ingredients and a modern take on Italian fare. Take a peek at the menu we had the pleasure of sampling.

Baby Cucumber and Prosciutto Salad with Ricotta, Mint and White Balsamic
This salad was a really interesting combination of flavors. The White Balsamic was a new and unique touch and I loved the freshness from the baby cucumber and mint. The prosciutto added a salty flair that is always something I enjoy and the ricotta cheese balanced everything beautifully. This is definitely something I'd order when I go back again.

Pan Roasted Sea Scallops with Ratatouille, Black Olive and Oven Dried Tomato Tapenade Rushing Waters Trout with Local Cauliflower, Potatoes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Pan Roasted Sea Scallops were cooked perfectly. Tender and not in any way chewy, they had a light flavor contrasted well with the ratatouille and tapenade. The balance of light and bold flavors here was incredible.

The Rushing Waters Trout was my first experience with this particular fish and it wasn't too bad. At first I was a little hesitant but after a few bites, I enjoyed it. The potatoes were delicious and probably my favorite part of this entire meal to be honest. I am a potato girl though. The trout was flaky and seasoned well but it definitely has that lingering lake element to it which is what made me a bit uneasy at first. Once you get past that it's really quite delicious.

Charred Local Corn
Thyme-Roasted Baby Carrots

I take it back, the Charred Local Corn might have been my favorite part of this meal. I don't know what they did to simple corn but whatever it is, it rocked. I could go back and have a whole bowl of this stuff. The Thyme-Roasted Baby Carrots were also delicious. I loved the seasoning on everything. It wasn't too much so that it distracted away from the ingredients but just enough so it really enhanced the flavors. I loved the use of seasonal produce as well. Everything just tastes better in season.

Black Dog Sorbet with Prosecco
Belgian Waffle Sundae with Malted Vanilla Gelato and Carmelized Bananas

Dessert was fun because we got to watch what happens to ice cream when you pour prosecco over it. Spoiler alert: It melts really quick. The Black Dog Sorbet with Processo was tart, fruity and fresh.  It was a great contrast to the Belgian Waffle Sunday which was sweet and rich. Both were absolutely delicious but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the sundae. It's just so out of the ordinary and decadent that you'd be crazy not to try it. 

We also were served bread with this amazing butter. It wasn't just regular butter but some kind of sweet honey butter. We were all asking to bring tubs of it home. Overall, it was a great night with amazing people and incredible food. If you have a chance to stop by Current, I would highly


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