Walking Through The Dallas Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District is a small square neighborhood tucked away on the West side of Dallas. It has just recently begun to be redeveloped and I can say for certain that it is already a huge success. It's sort of the hipster part of town. There are a lot of boutique shops, cute little houses, restaurants of all kinds from classic American food to French cuisine and coffee shops that would knock your socks off. I spent several hours walking around this neighborhood with my cousin Mary and had a really great time. Dallas is already a pleasant place to visit but Bishop Arts is it's own kind of world. 

Hattie's (418 North Bishop Ave.)
Hattie's is an American diner with a Southern twist. The restaurant is casual but very elegant with a simple, chic decor. Their lunch menu has classics like Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich and then more interesting options like what I chose, Grilled Ham & Brie with Tomato Chutney and Raisin Bread. They have a spectacular wine list, a fantastic dinner menu and wonderful service. If you're in the area, I highly recommend Hattie's as a spot to dine.

Emporium Pies (314 North Bishop Ave.)
I have to be honest, the entire reason that I wanted to visit Bishop Arts was because of this pie shop. They had fantastic reviews and their menu looked phenomenal. It is seasonal though so you might not find the same pies each time you visit. I ordered the Lord of the Pies which is a deep dish apple pie topped with cinnamon streusel. What I didn't realize before ordering was that the apples are tossed in caramel and I am not a fan. I could kick myself repeatedly for days. It was good but I ate most of the crust and left the filling for my cousin Catherine who loved it. Next time I visit this place in the fall, I'm going with pumpkin because...duh.

Boulevardier (408 North Bishop Ave.)
Boulevardier is a French-inspired bistro located right around the corner from Hattie's. I really wanted to try this restaurant but they were closed the day we visited the neighborhood. I'd love to try the Wild Boar Ragout Paperdelle for dinner or stop in for brunch next time. They have a lengthy, innovative cocktail menu and an top-notch wine list as well.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate (408 West Eighth Street)
Dude, Sweet Chocolate has three total locations between Dallas and Fort Worth and has arguably some of the best chocolate in the US I've ever tasted. One of the greatest things about this particular shop is that you can literally eat your way through. They have samples for almost anything you want to taste. It was because of this little feature that I ended up purchasing "Crack in a Box." Honestly, the best thing I've tasted. It's dark chocolate with salted candied nuts. The service is fantastic. The people working there were so friendly that I'd go back just for them.

Kristin Lee Boutique (408 North Bishop Ave.)
Kristin Lee is a cute little boutique for women. They had a lot of great options when I stopped in, plenty of sweaters, dresses and accessories. I ended up leaving with a new scarf to add to my already ridiculous collection. The had several candle sets as well but the thought of flying with candles kept me from making a purchase.

The Wild Detectives (314 West Eighth Street)
I included this great coffee shop in my round-up earlier this month. It's a coffee shop, bar and bookshop all in one. They even have a little beer garden in back. This is a place I would definitely hang out regularly and it's the first place I would recommend to people visiting.

Oddfellows (316 West 7th Street)
Oddfellows is a coffee shop/restaurant hybrid. They're a diner that serves breakfast food all day long but have a really cool coffee program. Oh...and they're also a bar. Besides all these already amazing features, they also have one of the best outdoor seating areas I've seen. It's unique in its own way, casual and just downright awesome.