Welcome to Grapevine!

Ever step into a place that feels like a TV show or a movie? Welcome to Grapevine. It's a city located about equal distance from Dallas and Fort Worth just slightly north of the two cities. Grapevine has a small town feel without actually being a small town. It has plenty of history evident throughout the entire downtown area, many places to eat, shopping and so much more. As much as I love large cities, Grapevine was a nice change of pace with more than enough to offer.

Grapevine got its name because the lands originally came with vines full of grapes. It is now a hub for wine tasters and connoisseurs with a large variety of wineries, wine tours and other wine activities to enjoy. One of their options I haven't tried but am dying to next time is the wine train. There is a Christmas Wine Train during the holidays and coming spring, they will have a Jazz Wine Train that sounds like a ton of fun. 

Another thing popular in Grapevine are all of the small shops. From fashion boutiques to specialty food stores, they really have everything. Simply walking down Main Street will give you a great taste of what the entire city has to offer. I stopped into a little farmer's market shop that had literally opened the same day, a small shop where I got a bag of Brownie Espresso coffee beans (review coming in a future newsletter), a general store where I got an awesome mug and knick knack store with lots of meticulously designed set-ups. 

As for food, there are many options to choose from. Weinberger's Delicatessen is a Chicago-style deli that serves more than 120 different sandwiches. I used to think it was impossible to get really good roast beef sandwiches outside of Chicago but this place really lives up to its name. They also make amazing Italian Sausage sandwiches. It was a taste of home in the south. You can't get better than that. I also went to Main Street Bistro & Bakery. This is a quaint, French-like bistro with delicious food open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

There's not much more I can say about Grapevine other than, I love it! There is plenty to do for everyone and to make it even better, they deck out the downtown for Christmas which I got a taste of while visiting. 

grapevine 10.0.jpg