Fort Worth Checklist

There are some cities that are underrated. Fort Worth is definitely one of them. It's not the first place many people think of when they plan a trip to Texas. As much as I love Dallas (I have a neighborhood picked out to live in), Fort Worth holds a very special place in my heart. This small-sized city is welcoming, clean, friendly and all kinds of great. It's beautifully built and taken care of, there is plenty to do and no one part of the city feels the same. Later this week I'll be taking you down Magnolia Avenue, one of my favorite spots to visit in Fort Worth. Magnolia Avenue and downtown FW feel like two completely different places. I love that versatility but what I love more is the consistent feeling of being welcome. I don't think I've met one rude person while visiting Fort Worth and I've gotten around a bit after several visits. 

So. What is there to do in Forth Worth? Plenty. Let's start with Sundance. Sundance Square is basically the hub in downtown Fort Worth. It has constant surveillance making it super safe and it has dining, shopping, name it. Outdoor seating, rooftop patios and a giant public space with water fountains makes this a one of a kind place to visit. 

The Stockyards are what you'd think of when it comes to stereotypical Texas. It used to be, and still might be if I'm not mistaken, home to where cowboys used to exchange livestock back in the day. It retained its Old American Western touch and gives visitors an experience unlike any other. I have been to the Stockyards before but I didn't visit this last time around. There is a restaurant called Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant there with an enormous patio and some of the best fajitas I've ever had. This is an absolute must do.

Magnolia Avenue is just outside of downtown. It's more of a neighborhood than a city center but is home to plenty of phenomenal restaurants, bars, coffee shops and shopping. This is where I'd live if I moved to Fort Worth. I love how accessible everything in the area is and I love the quaint neighborhood feeling even though it's technically in the city. That's a rare quality to have. 

These 3 spots are only a taste of what Fort Worth has to offer and I'll be expanding on each of them gradually over the next few weeks. But if you happen to make a visit to Fort Worth you absolutely have to do the following things. Write these down, print this post, save the image to your phone. I don't care how you remember but do not miss out.