Discovering Fort Worth's Magnolia Avenue

Just like Cityplace/Uptown is the neighborhood I'd move to in Dallas, Magnolia Ave is the neighborhood I'd move to in Fort Worth. Magnolia Ave is not technically what the neighborhood is called but it's the expanse of the neighborhood between 7th Street and St. Louis Ave. that I like to frequent when I'm in Fort Worth. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, specialty shops and more. It's a pleasant strip of avenue to walk down and you always end up finding something new. Here are a few highlights that I definitely recommend:

BREWED Fort Worth
Brewed Fort Worth is a coffee shop and gastro-pub open from morning to night serving food, coffee and alcohol. They have a beautiful patio in the back and the inside is cozy and hip in a southern way that really grew on me. I could easily see myself spending time in this coffee shop regularly working on things. They have a phenomenal lunch menu as well so don't forget to stop by on the weekends.

Grand Cru Wine Bar & Boutique
Grand Cru is an adorable wine bar that offers tastings and small plates. Get flatbreads, crostini and even dessert. This spot is perfect for a girls' day or a date early in a relationship, not too casual but not formal. It's also perfect for a solo traveler which is something I'm getting a little more used to over time. Not a wine person? They also have a craft beer selection. 

Paris Coffee Shop
Paris Coffee Shop is one of Fort Worth's older restaurants and has gotten amazing reviews from the likes of the Food Network and New York Times. You'd never know this place was so incredible by looking at it but there's something special about the family-owned history. They are open for breakfast and lunch but I have to recommend breakfast because it's the best meal of the day (duh).

Avoca Coffee
Avoca is another great coffee shop right down the street from BREWED. Their cappuccino is mind-blowing and the atmosphere is very modern, hip. It's a great space to work in but it's also great for a casual coffee date. 

Hot Damn Tamales
OK, so I didn't actually try this place but it looks so fun. Hot Damn Tamales serves, you guessed it, tamales. They've gotten some pretty impressive reviews and features in the media so I bet they're pretty good. If I have some time, I'll be stopping there on my next visit. 

These are just a few great places to try along Magnolia Ave. A few more that I have on my list when I return are Chimera Brewing Company, Fixture, Kent & Co. Wines and The Bearded Lady. I have a feeling that will be a few trips though. I only have one stomach and it seems to get full really fast when I travel. It's all the bites along the way! I swear.