Sundance, Barbecue & Chocolate

Fort Worth is the hidden gem of Texas. This small city takes southern hospitality and mixes it with urban sophistication. There are dozens of restaurants to enjoy, shopping and a variety of entertainment. While it's a great experience to explore the entire city, you cannot visit Fort Worth without walking around Sundance. This 35-block district has everything you can imagine. To narrow it down, we've got a list of places and things to do for your next visit.

Riscky's Barbeque
Barbecue to Texas is like deep dish to Chicago. One is not the same without the other. I have eaten at Riscky's each time I've been to Fort Worth. The food is phenomenal, the service friendly and the actual space a blast. They have a huge menu so not finding something you'd enjoy is impossible. They're known for their homemade barbeque sauce that is to die for and served in recycled hot sauce bottles. This time around, I got the Smoked Sausage basket which I recommend. It's smoky and sweet. 

Four Day Weekend Comedy Club
Get a few laughs in at Four Day Weekend. This stand-up comedy club is 100% worth the meager $20 that you will spend on a ticket. I never laughed so hard in my life. They have shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Beware of attracting any attention to yourself if you have stage fright. They are famous for pulling people on stage with them. I've never had the pleasure and hope it stays that way.

Schakolad Chocolate Factory
A little pricey but worth a taste, this chocolate factory makes all their chocolate in-store with a secret European family recipe. You can buy little treats to munch on, gifts for family back home or large collections for yourself. I tried their dark chocolate dipped pretzel and was in heaven. This place is chocolicious!

Sundance Square Plaza
This square plaza has water fountains and plenty of seating to relax. They have live music and activities often and it's close to everything. There's also this giant mural painted on a building that I always love to take photos of. Grab a drink and a snack from one of the many little shops around the square, sit down and take it all in. This is a great reading or conversation spot.

Walk Around and Take Photos
I believe that the only way to truly experience any destination is to get on your feet and walk. Driving through a town or a city doesn't hold the same caliber as walking. You can take your time, adjust your speed and go into small areas that you don't notice otherwise. It's a refreshing change of pace. There are plenty of photo opportunities walking through Fort Worth. Some of my favorites are the courthouse and the opera house. There are large patios and funky stores. Have an open mind and allow yourself to enjoy the experience. 

Have you been to Fort Worth? What are some of your favorite places and things to do?