Fort Worth Top 5

Barbecue. Fajitas. Sundance. Coffee. The Wild West. These are my official top five things to do while visiting Fort Worth. I can go on for days about what is a must see or do in this fabulous city so narrowing it down to a top five was difficult. If you love food, coffee and finding interesting places to explore these are for you. 

Barbecue at Riscky's or honestly anywhere you step into. Going to Fort Worth, or Texas in general, and not eating barbecue should be illegal. It's incredibly delicious and you cannot find it anywhere else. At least you can't find it in Chicago. 

Fajitas at Joe T. Garcia's where the patio never ends and the menu is limited. Joe T. Garcia's outside of the stockyards only serves fajitas, enchiladas and a few appetizers but you don't want to order anything else. Their salsa and guacamole are to die for and the chips are fantastic as well. This might be a bit off the beaten path but it is well worth the visit.

Walk around Sundance for the unlimited amount of specialty shops, restaurants and even a comedy show. The actual square is a great spot for coffee and conversation. Enjoy live music, activities and other happenings that they have regularly. Get touristy in western themed shops or indulge your sweet tooth at European sweet shops. There is so much to do and see that it's possible to lose an entire day walking around Sundance.

Cappuccinos at Brewed are not only pretty but quite tasty. Not a coffee person? More in the mood for a beer? Don't fret. Brewed also serves a full menu all day long and is particularly known for a fantastic brunch. Skip the caffeinated brew for brew on tap with their expansive beer menu and cocktails as well.

Get a taste of the Wild West in the Stockyards. This is the ultimate tourist destination in Fort Worth but it must be experienced at least once. There is great barbecue here and the cowboy hall of fame is interesting. I don't think you can experience it anywhere else. You might catch a few horses and cattle while you're visiting as well depending on the day and time. Something I am dying to do is take a ghost tour. I bet there are a ton of cool stories.