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4 Spring Break Destinations Without the Crowds

4 Spring Break Destinations Without the Crowds

If you aren’t thinking about where to go for spring break yet, you should be. It’s almost time to embark on a little post-winter, pre-spring getaway. Even I’m going somewhere this year! My trip will be a drive down to Missouri to visit family but it will still be a nice little escape from everyday life. Being someone who doesn’t particularly like crowds, I can understand why most people avoid spring break. There are drunk, obnoxious, college kids everywhere and what you’re looking for is much more relaxing. With that in mind, I’ve put together a couple of destinations so that you can get in a memorable spring break without the insanity of...well...spring break!

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Carmel by the Sea, CA
Carmel is my #1 travel destination for 2019. I was researching something, I honestly can't remember what, when I came across this gem of a town. Located on the California coast line, Carmel is one of those spectacular beach towns accessible by the state’s famous Route 1. It’s the cutest, most Instagram-friendly place I think I’ve ever seen. It’s also not a spring break destination making it the perfect place to plan an escape.

Visit Carmel Beach for gorgeous views of the ocean and sunsets. Go into the heart of their downtown for buildings and homes that look like something out of a fairy tale book. Ever since this small town got on my radar, I’ve been obsessed with figuring out a month to visit. It won’t happen for spring break since I already have plans but an early fall getaway is starting to sound perfect.

Photo by  Landon Martin  on  Unsplash

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

Charleston, SC
There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty of Charleston. My visit to this wonderful city was brief but left a lasting impression. This is another destination not on the radar of college students especially because it’s not particular cheap to visit. Between the flights, lodging and general prices all around, it will take a few extra bucks from your wallet but it’s entirely worth it.

Where Carmel resembles a fairy tale, Charleston has its own character with vibrant colors everywhere. The city is known for the many colors of the buildings painted everywhere you walk. It’s a great epicenter for history with antebellum plantations and civil war era mansions. Charleston offers the perfect combination of historic adventure, beach getaway and grand cuisine. Visit the markets to support local artisans and artists. Take a bike ride through the streets. Enjoy a beach picnic for the ultimate spring getaway.

Photo by  Brandon Jean  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brandon Jean on Unsplash

Nashville, TN
Apparently Nashville is one of the hottest cities in the midwest at the moment. Is it the midwest? Or the south? I always considered Tennessee to be midwestern but then again...does anyone really know the boundaries? Anyway, Nashville’s average temperatures in March and April are in the 60s and 70s making it perfect weather for traveling!

Dive into the music scene by supporting artists trying to get their career off the ground and make sure you look around for the famous ones! Many of the country music celebrities spend quite a bit of time in Nashville and it’s also become a hub for a lot of indie and alternative recording artists. If luck has it in for me, I’ll run into Gavin DeGraw when I visit! Besides great music, Nashville also has an impressive food scene from Mediterranean to the city’s famous Hot Chicken. Nashville is another city high on my next to visit list but takes a seat behind Carmel because I’m seriously obsessed.

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San Antonio, TX
While many college kids will go south of the border, stay north of the border and visit San Antonio instead. This Texas city has a unique personality compared to any other city in the state. It has an almost tropical vibe to give you that exotic vacation feeling and the people are incredibly friendly. There’s plenty to do from visiting historical sites to dining on a variety of cultural cuisines.

A few musts in San Antonio include the Riverwalk, Pearl District, and all the food. The Riverwalk is the epicenter of San Antonio where most of the energy is centered. It’s lively and the views are gorgeous. Take a taxi along the river to get from point a to point b or walk along either side and just take it all in. The Pearl District is a little bit down the river but definitely worth a visit. It was my personal favorite spot in the city to explore and is home to Hotel Emma, one of the most gorgeous hotels you’ll ever visit.

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If you’re up for an international splurge, take your spring travels over the Atlantic to Paris. Paris in the spring can be rainy but there’s nothing more romantic than Paris in the rain. Besides, on those sunny, clear days nothing is more beautiful than the city lit up and all in bloom. Make it an extended stay and go outside the city. There are so many places to visit in France from the Loire Valley to Bordeaux to the French Riviera. The farther south you go, the warmer it gets. If you’re looking for a classic beach getaway, the southern shores of France will suit your needs just perfect.

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Checking In: An Iconic Hotel by StayPineapple

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