Sights of San Francisco

Every city has its share of landmarks that tourists and visitors flock to. The first thing most people think of when it comes to San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge but also the Painted Ladies. It's no wonder because they are a magnificent sight. Alcatraz Island is also pretty spectacular even just from the beach. It's always ideal to experience any place you travel to as a local but some things are meant to be experienced at least once. These spots are them.

Krissy Field & The Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco has a number of parks to enjoy. It is one of the more granola cities in the country. I highly recommend Krissy Field. It's located right on the beach with beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Oakland Bridge, Alcatraz Island and San Francisco skyline. There are several boardwalks that make for great photos or just strolling down. Krissy Field is popular for locals and families to spend an afternoon playing their favorite sport, having a picnic and spending time together. It's fantastic for decompressing, reading a book and letting go of life's daily stress.

I learned a few things about the Golden Gate Bridge while I was on a wine tour (random, I know). For example, did you know that it can sway about 16 feet in either direction? It was built that way to withstand wind and earthquakes. It can also dip about 6 feet. Needless to say, I'm beyond relieved it was one bridge I did not have to cross at any point. It's gorgeous to look at though, especially at sunset. The Oakland Bridge is another wonder in itself. It changes colors and is very long. Believe me, I drove over the thing twice and took a bus over it the third. If I never have to cross that bridge again, it will be too soon.

The Painted Ladies & More
If you've ever seen one episode of Full House, you've seen the credits where the family has a picnic in front of beautifully colored row houses. Well, these ladies are quite famous and if you don't get a photo with them while you're visiting San Francisco, that's a big mistake. I actually made it a point to make it here the morning I left. My one goal while visiting was to get a "Full House picture" and I did.

On my way back from Napa, we took a Ferry near Alcatraz Island to the Port Of San Francisco. It was dark so we luckily got to see it all lit up. I would recommend the port for some great photos. A few other landmarks you might want to add to your list are Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, any of the Cable Cars and Golden Gate Park to name just a few. 

What are some must-see spots on your list for San Francisco? How do you feel about bridges? Are they nothing to you or do you dread having to cross them?