A Taste Of France In California

If I could travel anywhere in the world, you know I would be on the first flight to Europe. It's not currently in the budget but Napa Valley comes close to what the Loire Valley in France. This beautiful piece of paradise on the west coast is what dreams are made of. Napa boasts plenty of wine, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. It's central location is located close enough to the city, the beach, trails and more. 

Unfortunately, my time in Napa was kept short to just a day but we covered quite a bit of ground. Four wineries and vineyards, plenty of tastings and just enough food had us occupied as much as we could be. Though the weather started out rainy and cold, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day by late morning. We drove through the valley and passed a few towns that I am dying to return and explore like St. Helena. 

Driving through Napa Valley is remarkable with all the mansions and estates. Most are wineries and vineyards but others are homes like that of Nora Roberts. Rows and rows of vines add an almost calming touch to the area. It's truly an incredible experience and the closest thing I've come to the Loire Valley since I've been home from France. Is it too much to ask for a small cottage on a hill so I can sip my morning coffee overlooking the sunrise? Napa is its own little part of the world where life moves a little slower with a bit more joy for assured happiness.

The wineries visited on our tour included Castello di Amorosa, V. Sattui Winery, Folie A Deax Napa Cellars and Andretti Winery. I wouldn't normally pick favorites but Castello di Amorosa was a dream. Built like a French chateau, it looks as though it had been around for hundreds of years. Imagine that!? V. Sattui was fantastic as well and I particularly enjoyed our tasting here. The server was nice and let us try a few extra wines. He also catered them to our preferences, especially when we couldn't decide on what to order.

I have much more to share from my Napa Valley day trip so stay tuned for more posts to follow. Have you ever been to Napa Valley? Make sure to catch up on my time in San Franscisco. Follow me on Instagram for the latest trip I'm taking, recipe I'm whipping up or whatever other shenanigans I'm up to.