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V. Sattui Winery - Napa Valley, California

V. Sattui Winery - Napa Valley, California

Tucked away in St. Helena, California is a charming, magical place called V. Sattui. This winery and vineyard is actually the father of Castello di Amorosa. The Sattui Family opened for business in 1885 which would make it their 131st anniversary this year. It is obvious visiting both V. Sattui and Castello di Amorosa that this family loves what they do. It is their passion and it reflects on the experience guests enjoy at both properties. 

V. Sattui is much smaller than Castillo di Amorosa but just as magnificent. The property includes a stone winery, Artisan Deli & Marketplace, tasting rooms, picnic grounds and more. We had lunch at the deli where they serve paninis, cheese, snacks, meats, salads, pasta and more. They had jumbo Arancini when we visited that were spectacular. I'm talking melt in your mouth, creamy, comforting deliciousness. My friend and I each got a panini and split them so we could taste both. One had prosciutto (a favorite of mine) and the other was either bresaola or soppressata but I can't remember. Regardless, it was all delicious and the few cheeses we had the luxury of tasting were phenomenal as well.

V. Sattui has a large tasting room with plenty of space to sip wine, browse around and enjoy yourself. The servers are friendly and accommodating. They also make fantastic recommendations. Here are the wines that I tasted while visiting V. Sattui. I hope you're enjoying the photos as well!

Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley
The Sauvignon Blanc carried notes of pear and apple on the nose and I could easily tell this was a dry wine. It was smooth with a dry finish and I was able to get notes of green apple on the tongue.
From V. Sattui: Time spent in their concrete egg brings a mineral character to the wine along with a richness and fines on the mount. Oak barrels bring silk texture on the mount and just the slightest hint of spice and vanilla. 

Off-Dry Riesling
Riesling has become my favorite white wine (aside from the hard to find Sancerre) because of it's diversity. This particular varietal carried pear, apricot and peach notes to the nose. It was smooth and I tasted pear, white peach and apple notes. Very refreshing.
From V. Sattui: Their White Riesling has intense tropical fruit aromas with clean, green apple, honey and apricot flavors. Its finish is softly floral, rich and opulent.

Gamay Rouge
A quick whiff of the Gamay Rouge hinted at an uber sweet wine full of fruity flavor, especially strawberry and peach. It was fuller in body on the tongue, incredibly sweet (as predicted) and carried strong notes of strawberry, raspberry and watermelon. This would be a great dessert wine or aperitif.
From V. Sattui: Fruit flavors and relatively high acids are balanced by a slight natural sweetness derived from the juice of the grapes. 

Ramazzotti Vineyard Zinfandel
The Zinfandel was a bold, strong red. I was able to pick up berry notes on the nose and a peculiar sweetness. The taste turned out surprisingly different with a peppery quality, bold plum flavor and light notes of currant. It was also very tannic. Zinfandel is not my favorite red typically. Where I didn't dislike this one, I wouldn't pick it again if given the choice.
From V. Sattui: Intensely varietal, with dark cherry and blackberry flavors that develop intense complexity, there is also deftly applied oak that lends a trip of sweet spice. Pair with smoked meats or your summer barbecues.

Syrah, Napa Valley
I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the Syrah. This was another bold red. There were scents of currant, date, blueberry and dirt. It sounds weird but the more earthy wines can have a, well, an earthy quality to them. I picked up pepper, plum and black cherry on the tongue as well as earthy elements as if it were just pulled out of the ground. I loved the grit (not literal) that this red brought.
From V. Sattui: Contributes a ripe, chocolatey profile, along with sweet blueberry.

Entaglement (GSM)
Entanglement was delicious, possibly one of my favorites from this tasting. I noticed scents of licorice and berries as well as floral notes. On the tongue, I picked up cherry and plum as well as a slightly tannic quality. This is a great red for those who might not be fully pulled over to the dark side yet and still favor whites.
From V. Sattui: This delicious blend is a lighter style wine with flavors of red vine licorice styled after the GSM blends from the Rhone region in France. 

Cabernet, Napa Valley
I am not normally a fan of Cabernet but I did enjoy this one. I was able to note scents of berry, cherry and dried fruit. Tasting, it had a spicy personality with notes of pepper, plum, black cherry and earth (yes, again). It was also tannic. If you don't like that puckery, dry feeling on your tongue when drinking red wine this one isn't for you. However, if you like spicy, bold reds this is perfect for you.
From V. Sattui: Captures a good measure of currant fruit and colors it with sweet oak, a bit of dusty spice and hints of black olive. 

V. Sattui is a fantastic winery to visit for all levels of tasters. Whether you're tasting just for fun or seriously rating your wine, the staff are incredibly accommodating and they even have special tastings where you can taste limited releases and specialty bottles. I highly recommend coming here for lunch and looking up events they might be having. They offer freshly made brick-oven pizza some nights with a bonfire and that is right up my alley!

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