Things I Still Want To See & Do In San Francisco

Traveling is an unending adventure. You can visit a city as many times as you'd like but every time you leave, you'll always have a few new things on your list. It's the best kind of cliffhanger because it means you HAVE to return. This happened in a big way for me in San Francisco. Because I was there for a wedding and spent one day in Napa Valley, I essentially had 3 days to explore the city. Sacrifices were made, land was covered in record time but I still managed to only cross a few things off of my list. With everything that I still want to do plus all the new things I've learned about, a second trip to San Francisco is a must. 

Ride a Cable Car
How could anyone not go to San Francisco and ride a cable car? I know. I messed up big time. Honestly, after riding in cabs, the thought of racing down a street in a vehicle with open windows terrified me. I would have had to do this alone and I'd prefer to bring a friend along if I can. 

Visit Alcatraz Island At Night
I didn't get to visit Alcatraz at all sadly. I sacrificed it for a day in Napa Valley. When I return, not only will I make this an absolute must but I will definitely be taking the tour at night. There is no other way to experience it in my opinion.

Visit the Mission District
The Mission District wasn't anywhere near where I was staying and would have been a half day's adventure to really explore. Of all the neighborhoods in San Francisco, this is the first I'd like to visit during my next trip. From all the incredible restaurants to the parks and street art, I feel like this is a photo opportunity mecca. The amount of culture this neighborhood has could keep me occupied for days and it was highly recommended by several people I know.

Get Outside
Take a hike through the Presidio, a park by the Golden Gate Bridge with hiking trails, beautiful scenery and photo opportunities. Take a tour of the Muir Woods, a forest full of redwood trees just north of San Francisco. Take a Segway tour on Angel Island where you can get a 360 degree view of the city.

Go To Sunday Brunch
There are hundreds of restaurants in San Francisco where you can get a great brunch. Because I went to Napa Valley the Sunday I was in San Francisco, I didn't get to try this iconic meal and it is definitely on my to-do list. I'd actually love to go back to Brenda's Soul Food to try their beignets.

Dine at a Minimum of 3 Different Types of Ethnic Restaurants
I should make ramen a meal I cannot leave San Francisco without trying. I passed by so many ramen restaurants but got so tripped up on how to order that I kept walking. I feel like if there is any place in the US to have a bowl of ramen, it's in San Francisco.

So where do you want to go on your trip to San Francisco? Any recommendations?