Acorn Street | Boston

Before traveling to Boston, my aunt insisted that I visit Acorn Street. Since I live under a rock and had no idea what that was, she showed me photos. According to several sources, it’s the most photographed street in America. Why is it so special? It’s gorgeous. That’s all. The cobblestone road goes uphill and is lined with townhomes on either side and very thin brick sidewalks. After doing some research, there is absolutely no significance to this block-long street. It used to be home to artisans and traders and has become one of the most prestigious streets to live on according to a Boston tour site.

Acorn Street Feature.png

It’s visited purely for its beauty. It’s an escape to colonial Boston with the historical lampposts and cobbled walkways. Many people come here for photo shoots, especially for engagements. It’s especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing color. Tip: be careful walking this street when it’s wet outside because it gets a bit dangerous. Instead of going on about this street, I’ll let the photos paint a picture for you.