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Fall Travel Guide: 3 Places To Travel

Fall Travel Guide: 3 Places To Travel

Fall is my favorite time to travel. The weather is at its best and depending on where you go, prices can be more affordable than usual. For example, I bought a round-trip flight from Chicago to Dallas to San Francisco and back to Chicago for under $200. I’m not making that up either, it was a steal! My travel time is typically from October to April, breaking during the holiday season. Fall and spring are ideal for traveling in the north and winter is perfect to visit the south. I love putting together mini guides of sorts sharing where to travel when, where to travel for certain things, etc. Today, we’re going with three great cities to visit in the fall. While this list could be endless, I’m tailoring it down to a few places that have made an impact on me during this time of year. Keep reading to find out why.

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This is probably not a hard sell for the fall season. The New England area in general is known for spectacular fall colors and Halloween celebrations. It’s a dream of mine to make it to Salem close to Halloween and take a trip throughout the entire Northeastern region but baby steps. Boston is a city where you can feel the history and age. From the cobblestone and brick streets to the century-old buildings, it’s the closest you can get to Revolutionary and pre-Revolutionary times. Each road, each building and each neighborhood has a special story waiting to be discovered. Add the chilly, cloudy fall weather and colored leaves, it’s a magical experience. While I recommend everyone to visit Boston at least once in their lifetime, I recommend even more visiting at least once in the fall.

What to do:
Walk through the Boston Common
Take a stroll down Charles Street in Beacon Hill
Take a day trip to Cambridge

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Acorn Street - Boston 1.0.jpg
Boston Common 5.0.jpg

Maybe not the most obvious choice for a fall trip but one worth mentioning. I visit the Dallas-Fort Worth area every year, usually in the fall. I’ll arrive sometime close to Halloween and stay through mid-November. The best of Chicago’s fall is just about ending by the time I leave and Dallas’ fall is starting to begin. It means  I get an extended fall each year, something I’m not mad about. Texas doesn’t get as chilly as the north during fall but it can get cool enough to wear cute sweaters and boots. You’ll also get treated to a few trees turning colors. Like the rest of the south, Texas is unbearably hot for at least 4-5 months out of the year. The weather in fall is sunny, breezy and beautiful. It’s the best time, in my humble opinion, to visit the state. There’s also a decent-sized wine country so fall also means harvest season! How can you resist celebrating a grape harvest?

What to Do:
Take the free trolley along McKinney Avenue to see some of the Dallas neighborhoods or simply walk
Grab a burger at Village Burger Bar
Visit Grapevine! Later in November, all of the decorations are out for Christmas.

bishop arts dallas 18.0.jpg
grapevine 11.1.jpg
Sip Stir Cafe 1.0.jpg

San Francisco has gorgeous weather year round but it's also within driving distance of Napa Valley and Sonoma, the US’s favorite wine country. The city of San Francisco itself has plenty to offer in the fall and any time of year. The Presidio is one site in particular beautiful to visit in the fall. For those who love the sunshine and want to soak up every last minute of it, San Francisco is your friend. Go for a hike, enjoy one of the many parks or stroll along the ridiculously hilly streets. Venture outside of San Francisco for the Muir Woods, Yosemite Park, Montery or Carmel. California might not have a traditional fall experience but the northern region provides a spectacular one nonetheless.

What to Do:
Grab photos of the Golden Gate at Krissy Field
Book a wine tour in Napa Valley
Grab a latte at Jane’s on Larkin

Golden Gate Bridge 4.0.jpg
Castello di Amorosa - Napa Valley 3.0.jpg
Jane's 1.0.jpg
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