3 Nature + Science Museums | DC Museum Guide

Me being a pop culture nerd, I was excited to find the real life version of the “Jeffersonian” which for those of you who are not obsessed with TV, is the museum in the show Bones. Sadly, I did not find the Jeffersonian because it’s a combination of about five of the Smithsonian museums. If I had to pick one that was the closest though, I might go with the National Museum of Natural History but I could be dead wrong. Sometimes it can be disappointing when you try and find the real life version of something in a movie. Anyway, to round our our DC museum guide, we’re finishing with nature and science museums. We only chose three to note in particular but they are each magnificent in their own way. See below and make sure to check out our Art Museum Guide and History Museum Guide with a total of ten more museums for your bucket list!

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National Air & Space Museum
The National Air & Space Museum is a kid favorite with the big airplanes and interactive exhibits. Go through the history of aviation and spaceflight, enjoy a film on their IMAX screen, observe the Sun and planets in the observatory or see a planetarium show. A few exhibits in particular you might be interested in include “The Legacy of Aerial Smuggling,” challenges of communication in space, women in aviation and more.

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National Museum of Natural History
Another kid favorite, the National Museum of Natural History is the spot for wooly mammoths, dinosaur bones and my least favorite of all...bugs. Collections include African Elephants, Human Origins, a live Coral Reef, Mammals, gems including the Hope Diamond, an Insect Zoo and more. Something to note, the exhibit for fossils is under renovation until 2019 but there are a select few currently available to view.

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US Botanic Gardens
Not technically a museum but large enough to be included is the US Botanic Gardens. It includes a Butterfly Garden, Rose Garden, Rain Garden, the First Ladies Water Garden, Bartholdi Fountain and more. The indoor Conservatory features a “jungle, desert and primeval  paradise” so you can enjoy the gardens even on the coldest of days. The gardens also participating in conservation of rare and endangered plants, meaning they grow and study certain greenery to protect it from extinction. It’s not only a beautiful place to visit but an educational and enlightening one as well.

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