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5 Things To Do Along Magnolia Avenue | Fort Worth, TX

5 Things To Do Along Magnolia Avenue | Fort Worth, TX

I’ve never considered myself a hipster. I don’t have the confident, carefree attitude they seem to emit and I love The Gap way too much. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not ashamed by any means. Not everyone can be hipster otherwise by definition, no one would be. I’m perfectly content in my gap tees and LC by Lauren Conrad jeans sipping Starbucks coffees more often than not. I embrace basic life. However, I am all about those hipster neighborhoods. They seem to have the best boutiques, the best coffee and the best brunch. I would have never guessed it but the South Side or as I like to call it, Magnolia neighborhood, in Fort Worth is a hipster haven.

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Magnolia Avenue is a street in the Southside neighborhood in Fort Worth lined with restaurants, boutiques, nightlife and more. It’s near the Fort Worth Medical District and “behind it” is the “Fairmont” neighborhood which is full of old homes (more on those further down). It’s a casual avenue that you could explore for days. The restaurants alone will keep you occupied for weeks not to mention the ones that host live music and entertainment. From wine tastings to homemade ice cream and specialty shops to cafes, there is so much to do and as if that’s not enough, the entire area is charming on top of it all. It almost reminds me of those small towns you see in Hallmark movies (don’t judge, we’ve all seen one or two). This isn’t the first time Magnolia has appeared on the site and it won’t be the last. Until next time, here are five of my top recommendations on what to do along Magnolia.

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Brunch at Brewed
Brewed is my one of my favorite spots in Fort Worth. The eclectic inside has tons of seating from traditional tables and chairs to comfy sofas. The patio in back has a gorgeous layout with even more seating. It doesn’t end there though. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Brewed has a crazy good brunch menu featuring everything from pancakes to chicken and biscuits. And if you worried about the coffee falling short, don’t. Their coffee is always on point and I have had a few cappuccinos and lattes to prove it. Coffee not your thing? I’m sure you’ll find a wine, beer or cocktail to your satisfaction instead!

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Lunch at Heim
A local favorite for good reason, Heim recently made Texas Monthly’s list of top 25 barbecue joints. Heim was recommended to me by a DFW local. It’s still on my list, meaning I haven’t actually made it here yet, but believe me when I say it’s at the top. The trick about Heim is that you need to go with a little patience. Heim is so popular that it’s known for a lunch line. Yes, you read that right! A line at lunch! Who has time, right? Well, from what I’ve been told and everything that I’ve read, the line moves quick. I’ve also been told that the bacon burnt ends are to die for. I don’t see them on the menu so I don’t know exactly how you get your hands on these but if you have a chance, do not turn them down!

Grab a Pastry at Great Harvest Bread Co...or a Sandwich
New to the block, Great Harvest Bread Co. is serving up breakfast, lunch, and plenty of sweets including pooch-friendly options. The service is friendly and the space a bit small but cozy. Bread and baked goods are made in house every morning. Great Harvest features a seasonal menu on top of regular baked goods including treats to take home to your furbaby. During my visit, I had the Sophisticated Grilled Cheese Sandwich with sharp cheddar, provolone, sliced apples, bacon, and pepper jelly. It was DIVINE! I also went home with a cinnamon roll and let me tell you, Great Harvest has become one of my new favorite Fort Worth spots.

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Get Your Dairy Fix at Melt Ice Cream
For the best vegan ice cream in the south, Melt is the spot. For those who love the classic ingredients, there’s plenty of that as well. Classic flavors always available include “Beans” - Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate, “Salt Lick” - Salted Caramel, “Cup of Texas” - coffee, and Velvet Vegan. They also serve seasonal flavors throughout the year including Black Forest, dark chocolate cake and almond meringue swirled into cherry ice cream, and Sunbrittle, vegan sunbutter ice cream sprinkled with pieces of vegan peanut and pretzel brittle. They also do seasonal cone pairings and “Taco Tuesdays” featuring two ice cream scoops topped with vanilla whipped cream, homemade salted caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. As if Melt wasn’t good enough already, they also partner with fellow local businesses for some of their ingredients. The owners of Melt saw that Fort Worth was missing an ice cream spot and boy did they make a name for themselves.

Walk/Drive around the Fairmont District
Just south of Magnolia Avenue is the Fairmont District. Once you step off of Magnolia, you’re in the district. It’s full of historical and old homes, many of which were built or used to be owned by rather famous people at least by Texan standards. Some of the homes are a bit broken down and need some love, others are just as beautiful as they must have been the day they were built. The homes are in the bungalow style which means they’re simple, smaller in size and functional - typically meant as single family homes. Even if you’re not on the market for a new home, it’s great to walk or drive down the streets and look at the houses. The contrast of some of the more broken down ones versus the ones in tip-top shape is eerily beautiful. They’re also very colorful - many are painted different colors, even vibrant hues! If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to grab some photos

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