Cooking With Stanley Week 43

I am beyond thrilled to announce that this week marks the very last fish recipe in the Cooking With Stanley series. For those of you who love fish, I hope you've enjoyed what we've had so far but there are a lot of reasons why I'm happy we're done. For one, I'm not the biggest fish eater and this book has pushed me out of my comfort zone far enough. I also live in a landlocked state. Getting good, fresh fish is not only incredibly hard but also can be very expensive. Finally, we're in winter now. There are few days where we can air out the house without freezing. Fish stinks up the house and makes everyone cranky. With that said, let's get on with it shall we?

Fish Stew in the Style of the Marche Region
Rice with Milk
Crumbly Cake

The Fish Stew was relatively simple to make but it sure did stink up the house. The recipe includes several different types of fish but I just used one. I served it over the Rice with Milk and it was a fantastic combination. The tomato sauce of the fish stew was light and tasty. I feel like this would be better suited for the summertime, even if it's a stew. It's light and at least in the summer you can air the house out as you're cooking. 

The Crumbly Cake was amazing. I wasn't sure how it would turn out because it's super crumby when you put it in the pan but it bakes well. It's very compact and filling. It includes lemon zest which gives a really nice, fresh touch. This is made to be dipped in coffee or wine but I think it's fine served just alongside.