Holiday Gift Guides: For Men

Is it just me or are men the hardest to shop for? My Christmas list is almost filled out with what to get for who except for the men in my life! Thankfully there aren't many but they sure are tricky. Thankfully, we have a few ideas for you, one of which I'm kind of jealous about. In case you're looking for a gift to give the guy who is either impossible to shop for or has everything, I suggest Mantry. If you're looking to give a guy the gift of stress relief and a very fashionable beard, Rocking Bee Farms is your friend. You should also check out for our gift guide for women because there are a few products in there that can swing both ways or our entertainer gift guide which is all booze and who doesn't love that?

*Lattes, Life & Luggage received products included in this gift guide complimentary for an honest review. No additional compensation was received.

Mantry is the box of all subscription boxes. Mantry scouts the country for the top artisan food makers, hitting America's cities and towns to find the best of the best. They source only the highest quality products and curate them around a unique theme. The box shows up on your doorstep every two months with editorial stories and recipes that any guy can master. Each box is filled with 6 full-sized products that are hard not to love. What's even better is that if you gift a subscription, the recipient can take advantage of it basically any time so he can wait for a box he likes in particular or just dive right in and be surprised. Can we also talk about their packaging for a second? That crate in the photo is actually what it's shipped in (within a box of course). How awesome is that?
Price: gift subscriptions start at $59+
Great For: everyone but especially the hardest to shop for and the ones who have everything

Rocking Bee Farms is dedicated to providing their honey bees with the resources they need to thrive. They are equally dedicated to providing their customers with the finest raw honey, soaps and products of the hive. Rocking Bee Farms provides their customers with ultra-local raw honey. Their soaps and body care products are made with honey and beeswax from their hives and all their products are as natural as possible. 

We included several products from Rocking Bee Farms in our gift guide for women and we have a few more for you today. I have created a love affair with this company for a few reasons. You know exactly what is in each product and the ingredients are natural like honey and coconut oil and peppermint oil. It's affordable. A lot of the times, finding good products with real ingredients can put a dent in your bank account. That's not the case with Rocking Bee Farms. Finally, they really have something for everyone. Even the guys as you'll see in the products below.

Salve-Healing ...Doesn't Sting When Applied!Made with herbs understood to have healing properties; customers use this salve to reduce the symptoms of cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites, psoriasis & eczema. For the man in your life who uses his hands a lot, this is a necessity. Cure those dry, rough hands with an all-natural product that provides relief rather than more pain.
Price: $8.50
Great For: Men who are good with their hands

Sore Muscle Warming BalmWith essential oils of black pepper, cinnamon, camphor, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and peppermint, this Sore Muscle Warming might be just what their customers have been asking for! I have to agree, this is exactly what we're asking for! Winter in Chicago is rough, especially this winter. Walking 10 steps makes all of your muscles tighten up and releasing them is no easy feat. This is a gift for everyone, not just men. 
Price: $10
Great For: fitness junkies, anyone in a cold weather location, everyone, stocking stuffers

Other products that we received but don't appear to be available on their website at the moment are the Beard Wax and Headache Salve. The Beard Wax would obviously work for the hairy man in your life but the Headache Salve would be a great gift for men and women. Who doesn't want relief when the sharp pains are shooting through your brain. I have to admit, I might be keeping that headache salve for myself. No sharing this one for me.

We have two more gift guides for you, one of which has several great last-minute shopping ideas. Stay tuned!