Chicago Coffee Shop Series | South Loop

A few weeks ago, we introduced our coffee series taking you around Chicago sharing great finds. We started in the Loop and now we’re heading South. These three coffee shops each have their own personality. Bridgeport is a cozy spot in the middle of a residential and retail area serving up tasty cappuccinos. Overflow is in a prime South Loop location giving back to the community by donating proceeds to charity. Finally, Sip & Savor is a unique spot serving espresso in the morning and cocktails at night.

Chicago Coffee Shop Series - South Loop.png

Bridgeport Coffee Roasters | 150 West Roosevelt Road
Located in a apartment and retail complex, this gem is home to tasty coffee and pastries. Bridgeport has several locations, the one we visited was off of Roosevelt Road in the South Loop. The staff is friendly, there is free wi-fi but it’s not the best and there is plenty to do around it. It’s located in a small, bungalow-ish property but there’s a decent amount of seating for the size. It’s a great spot to grab a coffee before work, spend a few hours in the afternoon and prepare before a meeting.

Wi-Fi: ✓ → free but not dependable
Good for working: ✓ → for short periods of time
Food Selection: snacks and pastries
Service: Friendly and Efficient
Noise Level: Low
Seating Space: Decent
Outlets: N/A
Music: Contemporary/Radio

Overflow Coffee Bar | 1550 South State Street
Also located in the South Loop, Overflow is owned by a couple very involved in the community. Proceeds from the shop benefit a variety of charities. It’s also on the Columbia College campus which they must have kept in mind because there is a ton of seating. Outlets are available all over the cafe as well. The space is pretty open so you don’t feel cramped and there’s outdoor seating as well for those extra nice Chicago days. The staff is incredibly friendly. They offer a variety of snacks and pastries as well as a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. We tried the seasonal Pumpkin Mocha Latte which was quite tasty if you’re looking for a sweet treat.

Wi-Fi: ✓
Good for working: ✓
Food Selection: Snacks, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Service: Friendly and Efficient
Noise Level: Low to Moderate
Seating Space: Ample
Outlets: Well-Stocked
Music: Contemporary

Overflow Coffee 2.0.jpg

Sip & Savor | 2239 South Michigan Avenue
There are a handful of locations where you can visit Sip & Savor. The one we stopped by is their brand new location on Michigan Avenue. This particular location also happens to be home to a recording studio where local artists make their records. So if you’re a supporter of the arts and music scene, this coffee shop is definitely for you. In case you need something stronger to get through the afternoon, they open a bar at noon selling drinks a bit stronger than your regular cup o’ joe if you get what I’m staying. They host music clients to perform regularly. The wi-fi is strong but there’s limited seating so grab a spot while you can.

Wi-Fi: ✓
Good for working: If you grab a seat
Food Selection: N/A
Service: Friendly and Efficient
Noise Level: Moderate
Seating Space: Limited
Outlets: Well-Stocked
Music: Live performances

Sip&Savor  2.0.jpg