Capitol Hill Neighborhood Guide | Washington DC

The neighborhood I spent the most time in while visiting Washington DC was Capitol Hill. For starters, it was steps from where I was staying and many of the main sites in DC are close by as well. It’s one of the more exciting neighborhoods with lots to see, eat and do. Navigating around is simple and it’s located next to a few other neighborhoods that also have plenty to explore. Some days you might find yourself walking through Capitol Hill to get from point A to point B. Others, you might find yourself immersed in the neighborhood discovering a few of its best hidden gems.

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Where to go for a little culture…
Ambar on 8th street is a great restaurant to experience Balkan cuisine. Their brunch menu is top notch and offers plenty of options for even the pickiest of eaters. Eastern Market, which is not too far from ambar, is an indoor/outdoor market with artisan goods ranging from specialty foods to art. It’s a large market with lots to discover. Remember to bring cash with you because there are a few cash-only vendors. My personal favorite, the Folger Shakespeare Library, has the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s work. Find a variety of collections from the Renaissance period including books, manuscripts and art. If you have the opportunity, stop at the Folger Theater for a play. It has an Elizabethan-style design providing as authentic of an experience as you’ll get.

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Tackle a tourist spot…
At the Capitol Building. This is one of the most popular attractions that people who come to Washington DC visit. It acts as the Western boundary to the Capitol Hill neighborhood and also the namesake. Get a chance to see congress in action at the Capitol Building and tour the beautifully designed space. Reservations aren’t required but they are recommended. Day-of tours are not impossible but they can be difficult. It’s best to reserve a tour in advance so that you’re guaranteed a spot.

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Eat like a local…
Tortilla Coast
on 1st and D Street has amazing margaritas. Stop in for happy hour where they serve appetizers and drinks for incredible prices. I mean, where else can you get a frozen margarita for $6?! We the Pizza along Pennsylvania Avenue is another great local spot with homemade sodas that include flavors like Pineapple, Co, Co, Nut, and C.R.E.A.M. Enjoy a classic Pizza Pie or a Cast-Iron Pie using one of their ingredient combos or a combo of your own. Finally, Ted’s Bulletin on 8th Street serves up some of the best milkshakes including adult milkshakes with killer breakfast. The menu has classic diner food options done better for an extra touch of comfort.

And if that’s not enough…
Capitol Hill Books is a used book store with first editions, rare books and so much more. It’s a book lovers dream. You can smell the books out on the sidewalk. Barracks Row Main Street often hosts festivals and events for locals and visitors alike. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy. The Library of Congress is an incredible building with some of the best views of the city if you’re willing to make the climb. Browse among thousands of books and collections. Finally, visit the US Botanic Gardens for a peaceful escape from the regular bustle of city life.

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