Checking In: An Iconic Hotel by StayPineapple

Being a local to Chicago makes me one of the luckiest people when it comes to a staycation. Instead of airfare, I pay a round-trip price of $16 to get to and from the city and can plan a trip around hotel prices. Plus, the location can’t be beat. Even New Yorkers get out of their city when they take a staycation. I mean, that’s why the Hamptons exist, right? When I’m desperate to get away but don’t have the time or bandwidth to plan an actual trip, I’ll open Hotel Tonight or check a few of my favorite hotels in the city to see where I can find the best price…

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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and I know there are a few slackers out there. Whether you need ideas for Valentine’s gifting or you want to give your partner a few hints to make sure they’re on the right track, today is your lucky day. We’ve got a last-minute guide for all the procrastinators out there, especially anyone who is within driving distance of the Chicago metro area. All I know is that if I were to be on the receiving end of these gifts, I’d be forever grateful. This is definitely a gift guide for those who prefer experiences over things so if you’re looking for a few diamonds, keep scrolling…

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Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort - Checking In

Nothing beats a mid-week staycation, especially during a busy few weeks. It’s a reprieve from the craziness of life whether you need a break from the office or the kids. Earlier this week, I shared a part of a recent mid-week staycation that I had the pleasure of enjoying. The Chicago Lincolnshire Marriott Resort invited me to dine at the newly redesigned and reconcepted Three Embers restaurant which was a treat in itself. They also invited me to stay the night which was a no brainer. I invited my cousin to come along and it served as a mini celebration of sorts for her earning a Masters degree. The resort recently went under a $25 million transformation from completely redesigned restaurants to a gorgeous outdoor patio. It’s an oasis in the Chicago suburbs and an ideal landscape for anyone looking to escape the fast-pace of city life and take a moment to breathe.

**I was invited to stay at the Chicago Lincolnshire Marriott Resort and enjoy a dinner at Three Embers complimentary. All opinions expressed belong to Lattes, Life & Luggage.***

Lincolnshire Marriott Hotel Review.png

Checking In
The Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort is tucked away on a large campus that is home to the resort, the Marriott theater, an on-site farm, greenhouse, and apiary, and more. The secluded location guises the fact that you’re in suburban Chicago. The entire property is surrounded by forest area and the grounds are expertly landscaped. My cousin and I were running late for the Three Embers dinner so we had to take it in rather quick. We entered the lobby which has plenty of space and comfortable seating for lounging, and checked in seamlessly. The front desk staff was welcoming and very helpful in providing information about our room and stay. We passed the full-service Starbucks Cafe, new to the resort, and doors to the outdoor pool before going up one floor to our room.

Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 14.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 10.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 22.0.jpg

The Room
We stayed in a double room with full-sized beds and were greeted with a little note and a few chocolatey treats upon arrival. There was plenty of space for two of us with a desk and small seating area. The bathroom was clean with a modern design and plenty of counter space. A large window overlooked the resort grounds. I’m so used to city views whenever staying in a hotel. It was refreshing to have trees and all kinds of green on the other side of the window. The beds were unbelievably comfortable. In fact, when we were checking out, I asked if we could take the bed with us. It was like a pillowy cloud but still firm enough so that your back didn’t ache in the morning. Simply put, everything exceeded our expectations.

Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 7.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 4.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 5.0.jpg

The Resort
What do you think $25 million could get you? Other than not having to work for the rest of your life. For the Marriott Lincolnshire, it got them a completely transformed resort. They added two new restaurants: Three Embers and Wrights Brew & Bistro, a full-service Starbucks Cafe, a new day spa - The Spa at Lincolnshire, completely renovated guest rooms, an upgraded “Great Room” lobby, and the Lakeside Plaza. It seems like a lot and it is. You can tell a lot of care and consideration went into each of the changes and the money was well spent. The Great Room serves as the lobby and so much more. With the Starbucks Cafe right off the Great Room, it’s the perfect location to take your computer, grab a latte and scroll through your emails in the morning. There’s enough foot traffic to make it feel alive but not in an overwhelming way so that you can’t hear yourself think. It gives a grand first impression to anyone arriving for the first time as well.

Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 19.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 18.0.jpg

I did not experience Wrights Brew & Bistro but we had a lovely dinner at Three Embers which started on the Lakeside Plaza. The plaza is a 2,500 square foot patio featuring breathtaking views of the resort lake, fire pits, outdoor seating and more. It’s the ideal spot to start the night with a cocktail in hand. Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer, Lakeside Plaza features live acoustic music performances to add to the ambiance. We were able to enjoy one of those performances and it was nothing short of fantastic. The menu at Three Embers features Midwest cuisine with simple, locally grown and sourced, farm-fresh ingredients, while integrating influential flavors from various regions throughout southern Europe. Get a more in depth review and look at Three Embers by visiting our post from earlier in the week.

Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 16.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 13.0.jpg
Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 8.0.jpg

The Verdict
We only stayed at the Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort for one night but it was long enough to give us a taste of what the hotel has to offer. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I have experienced many of the suburban hotel options and none of them live up to what the Marriott Lincolnshire provides. Because of its secluded location, even in the heart of a suburb, it actually feels like you’ve escaped into nature to get away for awhile. It’s ideal for anyone looking to take a staycation within the area but it’s also a great spot for those visiting from out of town. Lincolnshire is less than an hour from Chicago by car or a quick drive from the nearest Metra stop to take the train into the city. It’s also a quick 20 min drive to O’Hare International Airport, which, if you’re familiar with O’Hare - there are few places that can be considered quick drives. Overall, the Marriott Lincolnshire has plenty to offer including live theater performances. If you’re traveling to the area, I would recommend to at least consider allowing the resort to host you during your visit.

Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort 17.0.jpg

Walking Back In Time At Hotel Emma | San Antonio

Normally I save hotel reviews for hotels that I personally stay at but I made an exception for Hotel Emma in San Antonio. Located in San Antonio’s Pearl District, Hotel Emma feels like it was built in another time and it certainly was with a history dating back to 1894. After dining at Supper, my Noni and I meandered through the hotel to pass a little time and boy am I glad that we did. Little did I know there was so much to discover in this time machine of a building from small shops to enormous libraries. If I find myself back in San Antonio anytime soon, I will most likely be staying at Hotel Emma.

Hotel Emma - San Antonio.png

The History
Here’s a tidbit of information I found surprising while doing some research - Hotel Emma has ties to Chicago! Who knew?! Originally Pearl’s Brewhouse, the hotel was built in 1894 by Chicago architect August Martizen who specialized in breweries creating more than 80 in his career. By 1916, Pearl Brewery was the largest brewery in Texas and the only one in San Antonio to survive prohibition. The brewery’s CEO, Emma Koehler, who the hotel is named after, came up with creative alternate services for the brewery to put out to keep her entire staff employed including dry cleaning, auto repair, and the production of near beer, ice cream and soda. These services kept the brewery in business until prohibition ended allowing beer to become their main product once again. The brewery closed in 2001 before becoming part of a renovation program which turned into today’s Pearl District.

Hotel Emma - San Antonio 5.0.jpg

Becoming Hotel Emma
With the establishment of the Pearl District, Hotel Emma has become one of the many community pillars. With 146 rooms and several suites, the hotel features a design that mixes historical elements with a modern touch in a comfortable and unconventional way. What’s most impressive is the 3,700-volume library. Any book worm’s dream, this collection is one-of-a-kind donated from a San Antonio icon. As if that wasn’t enough, the library allows guests to check out books using a vintage card system. Talk about nostalgia gone wild. Inside Hotel Emma, you’ll find Curio, a boutique gift shop with interesting finds from near and far; Larder Fine Groceries and Prepared Food; Supper, a restaurant where American cuisine meets European bistro; and Sternewirth, a tavern and club room for cocktails and conversation.

Hotel Emma - San Antonio 11.JPG

The Experience
Walking through Hotel Emma, you’re pulled into a different time. Everything is distressed, everything has character. For those who are always looking for the perfect Instagram photo, Hotel Emma is a treasure chest. From the mismatched furniture that works seamlessly to the bookshelves and the friendly staff, it’s an exceptional experience that is unique and not found anywhere else. Even if you’re not staying at Hotel Emma while in San Antonio, make a point to stop by and take a walk through their main areas. If you’re looking for a spot to grab a bite, Supper is amazing. We went there for brunch and believe me when I say I’ve never been more impressed by a restaurant. I’ll have a full review coming soon.

I’ll stop there and let the photos speak for themselves.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk - Checking In

I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Indigo Downtown Denver so much that while I was doing research for hotels in San Antonio, this property immediately went to the top of my list. Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk is a Spanish Villa-Style property right on the riverwalk. There is a lot of space from the comfy common area on the main floor to poolside lounging. It’s kid-friendly, dog-friendly, but most important, Noni-friendly. If you haven't seen that name before, my Noni is my grandmother and she's exactly what you'd think of for an Italian grandmother. Particular, a clean freak and vocal about both of those but I wouldn't have her any other way. San Antonio was not a part of my travel plans for 2017 but when we found out my cousin was getting married over Easter weekend and my pops couldn't go with her, it moved to the top of my list. Normally when I travel, I work at the same time since I can do so anywhere with an internet connection. Instead, I wanted to be able to spend time with her and other family so we made a five day vacation. It was exactly what we both needed.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio-Riverwalk Review.png

Checking In
We took a late flight to San Antonio and didn’t get to the hotel until after 1am. It was a long day and all we wanted to do was put our feet up and get comfy. Arriving, it feels like the hotel is super exclusive because there’s this wall that surrounds the property. When you drive through the entryway, there’s a court for cars to drop off and pick up with a large entrance. It’s very welcoming and feels almost extravagant. The lobby has a spacious check-in desk and farther back, there’s a common area with sofas and chairs, a bar, restaurant area and then the patio and pool. The Spanish-style design is a nice touch and not out of place in the slightest since San Antonio has strong Spanish roots.

Checking in, the staff was extremely friendly. They gave us a quick intro to the hotel, focusing on the basics so we could go to our rooms faster. We took our room keys, a map to the city and a few other pamphlets of information and headed up the elevator to our rooms. It was smooth sailing and pleasant getting set up and settled in.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 1.0.jpg

The Room
Normally when traveling, I go for single rooms with king-sized beds. Since I had a second traveler with me this time, we opted for a double queen. When we first entered the room, it was stuffy. The air conditioning hadn’t been on and if you’re familiar with San Antonio, it gets humid. We tried and failed to get the air conditioning running so we called the front desk and someone came up and got it turned on right away. In no time at all, the room was at its best: cool, clean and neat.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 3.0.jpg
Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 6.0.jpg

The room was a nice size and it had a view of the riverwalk which was icing on the cake! Two queen-sized beds faced a sitting area with chairs and a TV. There was a little kitchenette area with a table and chairs, Keurig, refrigerator and sink. It was a nice touch to have all that available. It gives you a little more independence in case you don’t want to leave the room early in the morning before that first cup. You know I always have to say something about the complimentary hair dryer! Two thumbs up. I hate traveling with more than I need to and this curly haired freak needs a decent hair dryer for survival. Indigo passes with flying colors.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 4.0.jpg
Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 5.0.jpg

The Food
Farther back from the main lobby area is Bridges Bar & Bistro, a Texas-inspired restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We went for breakfast our first morning there which was delightful. We actually split the Eggs Florentine Breakfast sandwich. It was an interesting twist on two classic dishes - eggs Florentine and an egg sandwich - and quite filling making it perfect for the both of us to share.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 8.0.jpg

For between meal times, there’s a little cafe area set up like a coffee shop. They serve coffee, sweets, snacks, other drinks and bites for on the go or a quick meal. If you’re looking for a nitecap, the bar is gorgeous and serves a well-stocked menu of wine, beer, spirits and for those extra long days of adventure, cocktails. I had a nice conversation with the bartender while I got a little writing done in the late afternoon. Nothing beats vacation, palm trees, sunshine, wine and free time to work on the blog!

The Neighborhood
Most people think of the downtown area of the riverwalk when San Antonio comes to mind. That’s the “hub.” It’s where all the dining and entertainment is - where you can walk from point A to point B. Hotel Indigo is a little bit outside of the downtown area but still on the riverwalk. It’s across the street from the Southwest School of Art, right across the river from the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts and right down the river from the San Antonio Museum of Art. The riverwalk has a taxi service that offers day and multi-day passes to access the boats as often as you need to. Lucky for Hotel Indigo guests, that taxi has a stop right outside the hotel!

While it might not seem ideal to stay outside of the downtown area, it was one of my better ideas. Hotel Indigo is located far enough from downtown to enjoy a peaceful escape along the river but close enough to enjoy within minutes. It’s also about the midway point between the Pearl District, which is the end of the water taxi line, and the downtown area making it a primo location.

Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk 7.0.jpg

The Verdict
The Hotel Indigo chain has officially swept me off my feet. I’ve stayed at two now and they haven’t disappointed me yet! The service is always friendly and accommodating. The rooms are always clean and spacious. The food is always top notch. And they have coffee makers complimentary! That’s really what sells me. Free coffee in the room at your disposal. It doesn’t get better than that.

If you are visiting San Antonio at any point in the future, I strongly recommend the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk. The location could not be more idea, the riverwalk is beautiful and even feels tropical at times. The staff is friendly and there’s plenty of space to lounge around during any down time available. The rates are affordable, the space is lovely and the location can’t be beat. What are you waiting for??

*This post was not sponsored or affiliated in any way with the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk or InterContinental Hotels Group.*

A Guide to Denver's Union Station

Denver’s Union Station is one of the more unique spaces I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Union Station brings to mind terminals and commuters, travelers and families, the hustle and bustle of people coming and going. It doesn’t bring to mind restaurants and lounge spaces, elite bars and swanky hotels. Union Station in Denver has transcended the stereotypical idea of a “train station” and transformed the historical building into a multi-purpose space with restaurants, shops, and co-working stations. It’s a traveler’s dream! A place with free internet where you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner all while charging your phone? Yes, please!

Denver - Union Station Feature.png

I could go on for hours about the many things that Denver’s Union Station has going for it. To keep my excitement reeled in, I figured I would organize it into topics: food, shopping, and accommodations. While Union Station does act as a transportation hub for trains and buses, it also serves as a space for people to pass time. It also has a lot of personality. From the elegant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to shuffleboard tables in the center of main area, you’d never know this space was meant to serve as a transportation hub.

Where to Stay
The Crawford Hotel opened up with Union Station during the grand reopening in 2014 after going through major renovations and upgrades. The boutique hotel is built right into the original Union Station structure and embraces the traditional style and architecture of the building. It’s beautiful inside and out and is accessible to guests through Union Station as well. Lucky for those staying at The Crawford, they have easy access to several fantastic restaurants and bars without having to step outside.

Where to Eat
Where to start! I managed to try almost every single restaurant in Union Station while visiting. It helped that I stayed at the Hotel Indigo Downtown Denver right across the street during the first half of my Colorado getaway. For a quick bite, ACME Delicatessen offers deli sandwiches inspired by those you’d find in New York City. They have delicious sandwiches that are also customizable with toppings and dressings. Try them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pigtrain Coffee Co. is another great stop if you’re on-the-go. Order a hand-crafted coffee or espresso drink and even craft your own! They also have a variety of pastries and snacks if you’re feeling a little peckish.

Pig Train - Union Station ed.jpg

Want something for breakfast? Snooze, An A.M. Eatery is a local favorite. Be prepared for a wait if you’re going during peak breakfast, brunch or lunch hours. When you get your food, you’ll understand why it’s such a popular spot. It's amazing! For a casual meal and over 30 local craft beers on tap. They have shuffleboard tables and communal seating in the center of Union Station extending outwards from their bar. For a little more swank, head to The Cooper Lounge for high-end cocktails, an impressive wine list and fantastic views. With a tricky entrance and more elite crowd, Cooper isn’t for everyone but if you feel like dropping a few bucks on a cocktail, it’s worth it for the experience. Make sure to plan a reservation in advance. This spot books up quick!

Do you love seafood? Stoic & Genuine is a farm-to-table restaurant that has all their seafood flown in daily. Indulge in a raw oyster bar or enjoy classics like Maine Lobster, Tuna Tartare, and even Caviar. If you prefer red meat, Next Door American Eatery serves up the best burger I’ve ever eaten. They also have great happy hour specials and a menu that can’t be beat. Next Door’s ingredients are locally sourced also partaking in the farm-to-table scene. Finally, Mercantile is a European-style farm-to-table “market” and ‘restaurant” that serves both bites to go and bites to eat in. The to-go market is a bit more affordable than the restaurant but both have scrumptious choices inspired by the best cuisine throughout Europe including handmade pasta, foie gras, pastries and more. And for dessert? Milkbox Ice Creamery serves some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had including non-dairy options for poor souls like myself. If there is one spot you visit for a bite in Union Station, Milkbox has to be it. Since I’ve visited, one more restaurant has opened up. Ultreia is a Spanish and Portuguese tapas restaurant which is right up my alley. I wish it was open back when I visited so I could have tried it out!

Denver Union Station 2.0.jpg

Where to Play
While Union Station’s best feature is certainly all the food options, the building also has a few shops to browse through as well. Tattered Cover Book Store has a satellite location in Union Station. It’s small compared to the other locations but that doesn’t mean they don’t have it stocked to the ceiling with books! It’s the perfect taste of the small local chain that speaks to book lovers everywhere. For odds and ends, souvenirs, clothing and other random items, 5 Green Boxes and Bloom carry a variety of items from home decor to t-shirts.

Union Station ed.jpg

Hotel Monaco Denver - Checking In

After a long weekend in the mountains, I returned back to Denver for a few more days of exploration and relaxation. After sleeping on a couch for a few nights, it was a welcome feeling to return to a space that was my own with a giant king bed all to myself. Hotel Monaco Denver is located right off of the 16th Street Mall and a half mile away from Union Station making it ideally located to wandering Denver on foot. Named one of the “Top 20 Hotels in Denver” by Conde Nast Traveler, it’s no surprise Monaco made the list. The service was incredible, the room unbeatable and the experience memorable.

Hotel Monaco Denver.png

Checking In
An in-the-moment decision had me trekking the half mile from Union Station to Hotel Monaco with my luggage. I pack light but rolling a suitcase after a three hour train ride and a weekend without much sleep, walking was the worst decision. Upon arrival, check-in was fast, easy and the receptionist was very nice. She gave me directions to my room, shared information about the hotel including happy hour drinks and bites every afternoon, and gave me recommendations for Panzano, their restaurant.

Walking into Monaco is like stepping into an old movie. The spaces are all soft lit and the decor is very luxe but in an eclectic way. The whole building - from the lobby to guest rooms - has a European design, Venetian if I were to pick a region, and it feels like luxury without the exclusivity. It’s warm and welcoming, something that can most likely be attributed to the color tones and friendly staff.

Hotel Monaco Denver 1.1.jpg

The Room
As soon as I opened the door to my guest room, I felt the load of the trek release from my body. I stayed in a Deluxe King Suite which had plenty of space. Nothing felt cramped by any means in this room. Two large sets of windows took up the majority of the far wall bringing in plenty of light during the day. A desk sat in the corner with a comfortable chair and next to it a dresser with large, flat-screen TV and a drawer fitted with snacks and drinks. I loved the little mascot that greeted you by the TV.

Hotel Monaco Denver 5.0.jpg
Hotel Monaco Denver 4.1.jpg

The bed was, in a word, heaven. I slept like a baby every night. The bathroom was clean and spacious, and the suite had plenty of space to store luggage and clothing. They also provide these funky animal print bathrobes that I found hilarious. Housekeeping comes to the room each day and tidies up. This isn’t something that I’m particularly in need of since I’m a rather neat traveler but it doesn’t hurt to have your bed tucked in nice and tight every day!

Hotel Monaco Denver 3.1.jpg

Hotel Monaco Denver’s restaurant, Panzano, serves Italian fare with local, organic and sustainable ingredients. They focus on contemporary Northern Italian cuisine and serve a variety of innovative cocktails as well as tasty happy hour, breakfast and brunch menus. I didn’t dine in the restaurant itself but I did order room service for breakfast on my last morning. It’s a tradition I seem to have started while traveling. It takes the stress away of having to leave the hotel before checking out to grab a bite.

Hotel Monaco Denver 8.1.jpg

I ordered a carafe of coffee (of course) with Egg White French Toast. The French Toast doesn’t appear to be on the menu any longer unless they don’t have the “healthy” options listed online. Regardless, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from including Pineapple Pancakes, Zucchini Bread French Toast, and Chicken Hash. This is all in addition to fresh squeezed juice, espresso drinks, teas and more. My modest breakfast was the perfect start to a day of travel.

Hotel Monaco Denver 13.1.jpg

The Neighborhood
Monaco is located right off the 16th Street Mall and within walking distance of a variety of Denver attractions including Larimer Square, and as I mentioned earlier, Union Station. Two blocks down and around the corner on 15th Street is Sam’s No. 3, a diner that appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, that has killer breakfast food and, allegedly, burgers. Denver Pavilions is right up 17th Street along with the Paramount Theatre. The State Capitol is a bit more of a walk but worth it when the weather is warmer to walk the Civic Park Center as well.

The Verdict
While I’ve stayed in Kimpton Hotels before, this was my first time in a Hotel Monaco. The experience was a pure delight. From excellent service to scrumptious food and a dreamy bed, I don’t have any negative things to say. The location is ideal and the amenities are top notch. Hotel Monaco Denver really goes out of their way to provide an exceptional experience away from home. Whether your travel is for business, leisure or a bit of both, I recommend Hotel Monaco for your home away from home.

*This post was not sponsored or affiliated in any way with the Hotel Monaco Denver or Kimpton Hotels.*

Hotel Monaco Denver 6.1.jpg
Hotel Monaco Denver 11.1.jpg

Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown - Checking In

Planning for Denver, I had loads of research complete. Close to a dozen hotels charted in Google Sheets, lists of restaurants and neighborhood guides galore. I had over prepared with information but managed to wait until the last minute to book my hotel. Luckily for me, it worked out to my benefit. After searching less than one week before my flight took off, I found this brand new hotel that had opened its doors less than one month prior. You see, in my procrastination to book a hotel, many of the ones I researched either sold out or prices skyrocketed. The building was still under construction but the majority of the hotel was in business ready to provide a home away from home to remember. I introduce to you, Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown.

Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown Review.png

I didn’t realize at the time that there is actually a chain of Indigo hotels. I prefer a boutique hotel experience while traveling. I find boutique hotels to not only be more affordable than larger chains but each of them has a unique personality. This personality gives the hotel character and provides a memorable experience, normally for the better. In the last year, I’ve stayed in two Hotel Indigo's and both experiences have been top notch. Focusing on the Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown, this experience was a little more special than others since it had only been open near a month during my visit.

Hotel Indigo Denver 1.0.jpg

Checking In
Arriving at Hotel Indigo Denver was easy and painless. The woman working the front desk was friendly and informative right on the spot. Normally after airports, cab rides and flying I want to lie down for a bit and unwind with a movie. I’m not an arrive and go kind of traveler. I need my downtime. This check-in was different. I spent a good twenty minutes or so talking with, let’s call her Jane, discussing how she ended up in Denver and what I had planned for my trip. I told Jane how my friends and I had planned to take a weekend trip to the mountains and we bonded over our mutual lack of skill in skiing. I also told Jane how I’m a serious coffee addict and about the several coffee shops I wanted to visit around town. We bonded a second time since she was also a coffee addict and then we were basically best friends as soon as I mentioned my dogs. I immediately knew that I would be able to count on her for recommendations and a friendly face in case I got overwhelmed during my time there.

Hotel Indigo Denver 9.0.jpg

There are two entrances to Hotel Indigo Denver. One lets out towards the restaurant and across the street from Union Station. The other is the drop off for cars and cabs which leads to their parking garage that can be navigated by valet services if you so choose. The lobby is very minimalist. There’s a lot of open space except for one statue in the middle of the entrance between the hotel lobby and restaurant entrance. There’s also a small area where guests can buy drinks, snacks and basic toiletries in case they forgot anything.

The Room
Since a friend was joining me a few days later, I booked a double queen room. The design was minimalist, much like the rest of the hotel with a bit of a Western touch through art work and small detail. The far wall filled almost completely with windows and even had a little window seat. The room included a large, flat-screen TV, a desk with comfortable roller chair, complimentary Keurig coffee machine and closet with full-length mirror, hanging space and drawers. The bathroom had a large shower, sliding door, hairdryer and complimentary Aveda bath products. The minimalism made the room functional and easy to navigate. I set up shop almost as soon as I arrived with my "portable office" spread out all over the desk. The surface space was pretty great and something I occasionally have to sacrifice while traveling.

Hotel Indigo Denver 10.0.jpg

The Food
Room service is provided by Hearth & Dram, the restaurant located off the hotel lobby. Heart & Dram serves up rustic American cuisine while providing a stellar whiskey collection featuring more than 360 options from around the world. The restaurant design resembles a modern-day saloon with family size tables for large parties dedicated to taking on one of the restaurant’s large roasts as well as tables for two in case you’re a party of one (like me) or on a date. Hearth & Dram offers craft cocktails, local beer and a menu full of locally and sustaibably sourced, seasonal dishes all made from scratch and many inside a wood-fired hearth. I dined here for breakfast one morning and also ordered room service. Both meals were delicious, especially the pancakes. I don’t know what they do to them but they are no doubt the best traditional pancakes I’ve ever had in my life.

Hotel Indigo Denver 4.0.jpg

The Neighborhood
Hotel Indigo Dener is located in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver, otherwise known as Lower Downtown. Across the street from Union Station and blocks away from Coors Field, LoDo is one of the burgeoning neighborhoods in the city. It’s recently seen a lot of change and new builds bringing in swanky residential buildings and businesses to serve the new residents in them. There is a great variety of restaurants, bars and clubs, many of the restaurants located right inside Union Station. A few blocks away is the 16th Street Mall which is a street that spans 1.25 miles and has restaurants, shopping, nightlife, coffee shops and more. Because Indigo is located behind Union Station rather than in front of it, it feels like it’s a little out of the city but it isn’t. On top of the hotel being located within walking distance of many Denver attractions, it’s on the outside of the main downtown area so you don’t get the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

Hotel Indigo Denver 2.0.jpg

The Verdict
I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Indigo Denver so much that I actually booked another Indigo for a trip less than two months later. It set a high standard for the Indigo line and other boutique hotels. The friendly and accommodating staff made the experience memorable and the minimalist design provided function and comfort. I really loved the location, it made exploring Union Station and the surrounding area a breeze. I’d recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Denver soon. I mean, when you book a sister hotel in another city because you had such a great experience, you know it’s a great place to stay.

*This post was not sponsored or affiliated in any way with the Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown or InterContinental Hotels Group.*