Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown - Checking In

Planning for Denver, I had loads of research complete. Close to a dozen hotels charted in Google Sheets, lists of restaurants and neighborhood guides galore. I had over prepared with information but managed to wait until the last minute to book my hotel. Luckily for me, it worked out to my benefit. After searching less than one week before my flight took off, I found this brand new hotel that had opened its doors less than one month prior. You see, in my procrastination to book a hotel, many of the ones I researched either sold out or prices skyrocketed. The building was still under construction but the majority of the hotel was in business ready to provide a home away from home to remember. I introduce to you, Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown.

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I didn’t realize at the time that there is actually a chain of Indigo hotels. I prefer a boutique hotel experience while traveling. I find boutique hotels to not only be more affordable than larger chains but each of them has a unique personality. This personality gives the hotel character and provides a memorable experience, normally for the better. In the last year, I’ve stayed in two Hotel Indigo's and both experiences have been top notch. Focusing on the Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown, this experience was a little more special than others since it had only been open near a month during my visit.

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Checking In
Arriving at Hotel Indigo Denver was easy and painless. The woman working the front desk was friendly and informative right on the spot. Normally after airports, cab rides and flying I want to lie down for a bit and unwind with a movie. I’m not an arrive and go kind of traveler. I need my downtime. This check-in was different. I spent a good twenty minutes or so talking with, let’s call her Jane, discussing how she ended up in Denver and what I had planned for my trip. I told Jane how my friends and I had planned to take a weekend trip to the mountains and we bonded over our mutual lack of skill in skiing. I also told Jane how I’m a serious coffee addict and about the several coffee shops I wanted to visit around town. We bonded a second time since she was also a coffee addict and then we were basically best friends as soon as I mentioned my dogs. I immediately knew that I would be able to count on her for recommendations and a friendly face in case I got overwhelmed during my time there.

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There are two entrances to Hotel Indigo Denver. One lets out towards the restaurant and across the street from Union Station. The other is the drop off for cars and cabs which leads to their parking garage that can be navigated by valet services if you so choose. The lobby is very minimalist. There’s a lot of open space except for one statue in the middle of the entrance between the hotel lobby and restaurant entrance. There’s also a small area where guests can buy drinks, snacks and basic toiletries in case they forgot anything.

The Room
Since a friend was joining me a few days later, I booked a double queen room. The design was minimalist, much like the rest of the hotel with a bit of a Western touch through art work and small detail. The far wall filled almost completely with windows and even had a little window seat. The room included a large, flat-screen TV, a desk with comfortable roller chair, complimentary Keurig coffee machine and closet with full-length mirror, hanging space and drawers. The bathroom had a large shower, sliding door, hairdryer and complimentary Aveda bath products. The minimalism made the room functional and easy to navigate. I set up shop almost as soon as I arrived with my "portable office" spread out all over the desk. The surface space was pretty great and something I occasionally have to sacrifice while traveling.

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The Food
Room service is provided by Hearth & Dram, the restaurant located off the hotel lobby. Heart & Dram serves up rustic American cuisine while providing a stellar whiskey collection featuring more than 360 options from around the world. The restaurant design resembles a modern-day saloon with family size tables for large parties dedicated to taking on one of the restaurant’s large roasts as well as tables for two in case you’re a party of one (like me) or on a date. Hearth & Dram offers craft cocktails, local beer and a menu full of locally and sustaibably sourced, seasonal dishes all made from scratch and many inside a wood-fired hearth. I dined here for breakfast one morning and also ordered room service. Both meals were delicious, especially the pancakes. I don’t know what they do to them but they are no doubt the best traditional pancakes I’ve ever had in my life.

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The Neighborhood
Hotel Indigo Dener is located in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver, otherwise known as Lower Downtown. Across the street from Union Station and blocks away from Coors Field, LoDo is one of the burgeoning neighborhoods in the city. It’s recently seen a lot of change and new builds bringing in swanky residential buildings and businesses to serve the new residents in them. There is a great variety of restaurants, bars and clubs, many of the restaurants located right inside Union Station. A few blocks away is the 16th Street Mall which is a street that spans 1.25 miles and has restaurants, shopping, nightlife, coffee shops and more. Because Indigo is located behind Union Station rather than in front of it, it feels like it’s a little out of the city but it isn’t. On top of the hotel being located within walking distance of many Denver attractions, it’s on the outside of the main downtown area so you don’t get the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

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The Verdict
I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Indigo Denver so much that I actually booked another Indigo for a trip less than two months later. It set a high standard for the Indigo line and other boutique hotels. The friendly and accommodating staff made the experience memorable and the minimalist design provided function and comfort. I really loved the location, it made exploring Union Station and the surrounding area a breeze. I’d recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Denver soon. I mean, when you book a sister hotel in another city because you had such a great experience, you know it’s a great place to stay.

*This post was not sponsored or affiliated in any way with the Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown or InterContinental Hotels Group.*