Starting The New Year On A Healthy Note: Truly Supplements Review

The new year comes with new resolutions. For some people, that means traveling more. For others, it’s all about their career. For many people, more often than not it has something to do with health and wellness. Gym memberships are bought without a second thought. Diets are pursued and junk food thrown away. NYE is the one last night to binge before embracing cardboard bread and watery milk. I wish all of you the best on your new year resolutions and I support all of your endeavors if it makes you happy. But me? I’m starting a healthier new year by eating chocolate every single day. Yes, you read that right. Chocolate! And you know what? You can join me.

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Truly is a family owned and operated company rooted in the Midwest that “truly” encompasses the entrepreneurial spirit. The delicious delivery method of daily nutrients - the trubite - was conceived in Wisconsin and all supplements are produced right here in the U.S. With nearly three decades of combined experience, the principals at Truly understand what you want. You want to feel and look your you’re taking vitamins and supplements to enhance your daily intake of essential nutrients. You want to be good to your body...but you won’t give up taste to be healthy. You want all-natural products that contribute to your overall well-being. Trubites deliver all this...and more.

From biotin that helps boost your energy to melatonin that eases you to sleep, from collagen that keeps you looking youthful longer to probiotics that balance your digestive system, trubites are truly good for you...all natural, free of GMOs, gluten free, organic, kosher and made in the USA. What is a trubite? A trubite is an all-new chewable supplement “bite” that provides the perfect balance of nutrients and melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate for a moment of pure pleasure. Truly’s proprietary formula includes 70% dark chocolate and only the finest organic ingredients: cacao nibs, cane sugar and cocoa butter. Together, they merge to create a delectable balance of deep, dark chocolate flavor with just the right touch of pure sweetness.

I had the pleasure of trying all four trubites. Each bite is a delicious piece of dark chocolate that makes you feel like you’re indulging rather than feeding your body nutrients. If I had to choose a favorite, which is difficult in this case, it would be a tie between the melatonin and the biotin. I never have an issue growing my hair (it grows at warp speed) but I did notice a difference in the strength of my nails since taking the biotin. My nails are a bit of a sore spot for me because I’m a stress nail biter (I know, gross) so the biotin has done a great job fighting against my self-imposed fragile, short nails. The melatonin was the easiest of the four supplements for me to notice results. I’m not a bad sleeper but it takes a minute for me to get there. Taking the melatonin 30-60 minutes before bedtime has really helped me relax and settle in for the night.

Collagen seems to be all the rage for 2017. I’ve read several articles how biotin and collagen are the supplements for the year. According to Truly, collagen plays a significant role in the health of your connective tissue, providing cohesion, strength and elasticity throughout the body. It helps maintain normal skin appearance with aging, promotes skin’s natural elasticity and supports natural youthful skin radiance. I can’t say that I have any noticeable changes from the collagen but the more I read about it, the more convinced I am to continue taking it daily. Finally, the Probiotic is all about the gut. According to Truly, it keeps your digestive system in balance. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that help keep your intestines healthy and assist in digestion and nutrient absorption. They promote healthy bacteria balance in your gut for proper digestion and help you maintain a healthy heart and proper metabolism. This particular supplement I haven’t been as consistent with as the others but I do notice a difference in my *ahem* regularity after taking it a few days. In the last month, while I’ve been trying these supplements, I got sick twice which caused me to pause taking them and having experience with probiotics, you need consistency for them to work at their best.

Truly Supplements are available at various Walgreens and Shopko stores. Find them at your nearest location or use their locator to find a store carrying them nearest you.

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